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Sustainability is
our line of work

We are uniquely positioned and structured to propose quality and efficient biotech products and services applied to agriculture, health, and wellness. We strive to maintain competitive…



Ideally, a win-win partnership with nature...


Nature has it all... Our role is to unveil it.
Specialized Consulting

Specialized Consulting

We make your priorities ours...

Agrifood Solutions

Sustainable agriculture efficiently achieves food sufficiency while addressing global climate crisis

Our sound solutions maximize the value of natural and organic production and agri-food production and supply chain. They are based on science, advanced technologies and prioritize environment preservation, and above all peoples (producers, traders and consumers) welfare and wellbeing. ...

Agricultural bio-inputs

To nurture plants and restore soils

We launched BIOJANI, our first brand of agricultural bio-input, as a solution to a need that numbers of smallholder farmers have been expressing in Côte d'Ivoire...

Agroforestry Value Chains

From healthy food to sustainable construction

Our approach to agroforestry value chains is one that considers the mastery of sustainable plantations development and management, followed by an innovative reasoned exploitation of their productions and all possible derivatives. Our coconut value chain project is a great and highly promising model of such …

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