From Quality Production to Market Access

Achieving a high-quality production in agriculture is only one third of agribusiness complex structure. Post-harvest management and market access constitute the other two third. During every campaign, countless of smallholder farmers lose up to a third of their production, sometimes even more, due to lack of adequate conservation and transportation logistics. Produce can easily loose over half of their value when they are subject to poor conservation and delayed transport to market destinations. It is also very important for an agribusiness person to have a well-planned sales and marketing strategy that at best should include pre-sale agreements. Finally, good management adapted to the operation as a whole is also considered and carefully planned.

SafiBio team of experts have created tested strategies and models that cover the entire value chain from production to effective sell of the harvest. Value addition is an import part of those strategies. Environmental and business sustainability are prioritized at every step to guarantee the replication of these models.

Our proposed strategies can be adapted and applied to single farm/plantation operations, cooperatives, businesses, and rural development organizations. We look forward to partnering with you and start working tirelessly to help turn your dream into reality.

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